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Project JumpStart


Would you like to get your project plan swiftly so you can move into the Execution phase?

Would a project management specialist aiding your team in project planning be advantageous?

Today’s projects are under tight deadlines which cause some project teams to minimize their project planning methodologies to “save time”.

However, all this does is increase the risk of missing your project deadline, budgets and quality requirements.

IPDI’s “Project JumpStart” will do just what the name says – jump start your project to success. IPDI’s expert project management consultants will facilitate your project planning to develop a robust project plan designed for project success.

IPDI is offering is Project JumpStart services to do this.

In a few short days (depending on project size and complexity), IPDI will work with your project team to develop:

  • Project Scope Statement
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Resource Requirements
  • Dynamic Project Schedule
  • Deliverable Acceptance Criteria
  • Risk Analysis
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Communication Plan
  • Procurement Plan

IPDI can either work with your company’s own project management forms or we can use our own proven forms from our Project Management Template Library.

Contact us to arrange a JumpStart session for your next project.