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The market place is getting more competitive. Budgets are getting cut. Resources are becoming more scarce. The old ways of performing projects are not working. Teams are diversified in location, culture, and responsibilities. In spite of all these challenges, the impossible project has to be completed successfully.

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The company needs to improve its time to market, reduce costs and improve quality to stay competitive. They are looking to you for the solution!


  • MAPD™ Strategy (Methodology of Associated Process Development) is a revolutionary new project/process planning and execution strategy specifically designed for multi-team environments.
  • The MAPD™ Strategy’s three elements (PLAN, MANAGE, and VERIFY) encompass the full needs of the organization as it relates to projects.


The plan is the foundation of the project. Without a good foundation the project is sure to fail. Consistency across the teams’ work plans is the key to good communication in a multi-team environment. The MAPD™ Strategy utilizes an innovative way to model complex, multi-team processes for the corporation/project while allowing teams to have the flexibility they need to define and manage their work but without losing the benefits of having a common process for the corporation/project.

MAPD™ Strategy creates the PLAN with the end result in mind – a quality product meeting customer expectations while generating targeted profitability.

Once the product is defined, the MAPD™ Strategy works with the company’s Subject Matter Experts to develop a common, company wide product development process. With the MAPD™ Strategy of process development, the company can achieve the balance of a common process while allowing the team members the flexibility they need to meet the unique needs of their specific projects. The common process also allows the company to benefit from cost effective process enablers, uniform best practices, and shared resources.

Once the product has been defined, the process developed, and supporting best practices, enablers, and resources determined, then the focus is placed on defining the organizational structure necessary to support these elements. The process will logically yield natural workgroups which will aid in the formation of the organizational requirements.


Despite what some believe, one size does not fit all!

One project plan to manage the entire project in a multi-team environment is ineffective as the project manager spends more time managing the work plan than he/she does managing the project. The project manager needs an overall plan to manage the project but he/she does not need all the minutia. The various supporting project teams need the details to manage their respective work. Everyone needs to understand how his/her piece of the project fits into the big picture.

The MAPD™ Strategy provides a straight forward method for projects in a multi-team environment to integrate easily and effectively their respective work plans with the work plans of the teams with which they interact. However, the emphasis always remains on managing the project, not managing the project’s work plan. The MAPD™ Strategy presents a simple means to manage complex projects with multiple teams without complex cross work plan logic ties or expensive software solutions. The MAPD™ Strategy even allows a single work plan to support multiple customers – a bonus for those subsystems/components which support multiple product lines!


Nothing should be left to chance. Projects need to be reviewed to validate they are on track to meet their customer and corporate requirements. The MAPD™ Strategy provides for simple, effective, point-in-time “snap shot reviews” without adding time-wasting bureaucratic procedures. During the planning stage of the project, the project team, upper management, and the customer agree on the phases of the project and the key attributes which must be reviewed at the phase exit review. The phase exit review also serves as an initiation of the next project phase and a confirmation that the project is on target to meet its overall objectives.


All three must interact to gain the effectiveness of a truly integrated process!


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