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Project Management Office Development


In this global economy, companies are looking for more effective means to manage their projects. To accomplish this, many companies are looking to implement a Project Management Office (PMO).

For a PMO to be effective it must be set up properly. Various items must be evaluated and taken into consideration when setting up a PMO:

  • The organizational structure (functional, weak matrix, strong matrix, projectized)
  • The means the organization uses to earn money (operations, projects, or a mixture)
  • Centralized vs. decentralized project teams and functional groups
  • The culture of the organization
  • The level of project management knowledge within the organization
  • The role the organization wants the project manager to play

But don’t expect a quick fix, easy metrics or an immediate payback. It will take time. It took time for your company to get into its “situation” and it will take time for it to get out of its “situation.” But each journey starts with the first step, followed by a whole series of properly planned and executed other steps.

Contact us today and, together, IPDI and your company will make the journey.