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Process Improvement


The most important change for project personnel and decision makers who influence the project is thinking of a project as a process. Rather than manage the output of a project, management is focused on the total process and sub-processes. In this manner, the process is held constant after it has been proven capable of the work and the product will naturally meet the requirements.” (Quality Management, Lewis R. Ireland)

Integrated Process Developers, Inc. (IPDI) believes in process, more specifically, integrated processes so much we named the company for it!

IPDI created the MAPD™ Strategy for process development specifically designed for multi-team environments. The MAPD™ Strategy’s three elements, Plan, Manage, and Verify, encompass the full needs of the organization as it relates to projects.

If you are tired of any of the following, then contact us:

  • Your company sounding like a warm-up instead of the performance of the symphony
  • The same problems over and over again
  • The left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing

IPDI utilizes proven techniques to develop, re-engineer and continuously improve your processes to meet your organization’s and customer needs.