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IPDI Services on Retainer


Ever want to pick up the phone and get the advice from a project management and/or process improvement expert?

Does your budget not allow for full time consultant services?

Integrated Process Developers, Inc. (IPDI) is offering its project management and process improvement expertise on a retainer basis. For an affordable monthly fee, IPDI’s advisors can be a phone call or e-mail away to assist you in:

  • Planning your next project
  • Facilitating project risk management planning sessions
  • Implementing a project phase exit review process
  • Evaluating your company’s project management maturity
  • Improving your company’s product development processes
  • Implementing project management methodologies
  • Customized project management training courses

IPDI’s services are available to your company without the high expense of a full time consultant. This is ideal for the small to medium size business which may lack a team of professionals experienced in project management and process improvement disciplines. In fact, the burden of maintaining and growing a successful independent business is generally limited to the owner or a very small number of partners. With so much to do and with limited resources, many owners feel frustrated at the ever-increasing demands being placed upon them.

IPDI can help with this burden by working with your company to develop customized project management methodologies to improve your projects’ success and process improvement initiatives to enhance your company’s effectiveness.

IPDI’s “on demand” services allows you to determine when you need IPDI’s assistance and the priority of the work to be performed.  On a monthly basis, an IPDI advisor will outline the next steps to meeting your organization’s goal and objectives.  As a team, IPDI’s advisor and your employees will work together to achieve your objectives.  This assures the changes being implemented are supported by your employees and fit with your organization’s procedures and culture.

Contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss this exciting business opportunity.