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Microsoft Project® Training

Download the course description and logistics sheet here.

DougBasic course: 2 day, 14 PDU’s

Advanced course: 3 day, 21 PDU’s


  • Microsoft Project® can be the most frustrating software you use if you don’t know how to unlock its secrets.  Every good craftsman relies on good tools. Learn the most popular tool of project management, Microsoft Project®.
  • In this course you will learn how to use Microsoft Project® to help you plan and manage your projects.  The mantra for this course is “If it is easy, it is wrong!”.  Learn the proper way to use Microsoft Project and reap the benefits in better planning and execution of your projects.


  • By the end of the Basic Microsoft Project® 2 day workshop, you will learn:
    • How to navigate & understand Microsoft Project’s screen layout
    • The basic options settings to make Microsoft Project® perform properly
    • How to planning the project and entering project data, such as:
      • Starting a new project
      • Developing the project calendar
      • Creating a work breakdown structure
      • Entering tasks
      • Outlining the WBS
      • Building the network logic diagram and assigning logic relationships
      • Assigning constraints
      • Assigning resources to tasks
      • Understanding the work vs. duration relationship
      • Understanding the various task types
      • Developing resource calendars & task calendars
    • The proper way to finalize and baseline the schedule
    • The various ways to update the schedule tasks – both resource & non-resource driven tasks
    • Assessing schedule variances
  • The Advanced course covers the topics in the Basics course plus a third day:
    • Customizing Microsoft Project®
      • Custom views
      • Custom tables
      • Custom filters
      • Custom fields
      • Custom calculations
      • Sorts & custom sorts
      • Groups & custom groups
      • Custom menus
    • Advanced Techniques
      • Advanced WBS techniques
      • Advanced logic assignments & analysis
      • Review of the schedule update requirements
      • Advanced schedule analysis & corrective actions to return the project to baseline
    • Multi-project management using Microsoft Project


  • Project Managers / Team Leaders
  • Team Leaders moving into team leadership positions
  • Key Team Members
  • Functional Managers
  • Process and Performance Improvement Team Members
  • Business Planning Personnel


  • This course can be taught in either a 2 day, 14 PDU format or a 3 day, 21 PDU format.
  • The additional day allows for more, in depth explanations and more time for course exercises.
  • At the beginning of Day 3, you will have the opportunity use what they learn on a project of your choice.
  • This allows you to ask questions to the instructor for insight into specific situations on your project.
  • Upon successful completion, you will receive an Integrated Process Developers, Inc (IPDI) certificate of completion.


  • Up to 20 people in your company


  • To schedule a workshop for your company, contact us for a proposal to bring this course to your organization.


  • See our Public Course Schedule for a course near you.
  • Training courses can be held at your company’s location or training center.


  • An open mind and a willingness to learn.