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Ultimate Project Management Professional (PMP)® Prep Boot Camp

Doug Boebinger

Download the course description and logistics sheet here.

5 day – 40 contact hour course

Materials in this class are based on the text, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK® Guide).


You have looked at the rest – Now try the BEST!!

Based on the Earning Power: Project management, Ninth Edition (2015) survey, respondents with a Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification garner a higher salary (20% higher on average) than those without a PMP® certification.

Testimonial: The Ultimate PMP® Prep Boot Camp course is more applicable / practical / enlightening than an MBA at 1/100th of the cost. My opinion is that the material taught in the Ultimate PMP® Prep Boot Camp course is the “rubber to the road” of what MBA’s “lines on the print”. Ivory tower thinking is useful if it can translate into practical application in policies and processes / procedures. Project Management is infinitely more valuable in practice than an MBA. Anyone with any ambition and desire to prove their worth should use Project Management methodology to “enhance the likelihood of success” since most of us are doing projects in our profession to varying degrees of complexity and magnitude. — Timmothy Phung


  • Follows the flow of project management which is how the PMP® exam is structured. Materials are cross-referenced to the PMBOK® Guide for easier studying
  • A copy of the PMBOK® Guide – ideally in advance for pre-class reading
  • A copy of a popular PMP® Prep supplemental book.
  • Two (2) two hundred question online Advanced exams in the style and format of the actual PMP exam.
  • Participants have access to IPDI’s online template library to better understand the various outputs of the 47 project management process elements (and to utilize them on their projects)
  • Contains our four-pages of PMP® formulas, their purposes and how to interpret the results
  • Provides access to IPDI’s PMP® Application spreadsheet to assist with the complicated PMP® Application information requirements
  • Includes our proven approach to a post-PMP® course study regiment
  • Discusses IPDI’s exam taking methodology to maximize your final score
  • Our PMP® Exam “Pass Guarantee” – if a course participant who attended the total duration of our onsite course and passes IPDI’s final online self-assessment (Practice Exam #2) with a score of 70 or higher on their first attempt but does not pass the exam within 90 days of completing the PMP® Prep course, IPDI will pay the PMP® re-exam fee. This removes the exam anxiety concerns of not passing the exam and needing to pay for a second attempt.
  • Taught by a veteran PMP® Exam Prep instructor who has been working with the PMBOK® Guide since its initial publishing
  • Access to the instructor, via e-mail, after the course is over to assist with questions during exam preparation


The course covers the following topics:

    • Initiating Process Group
    • Develop Project Charter
    • Identify Stakeholders

Planning Process Group

    • Develop Project Management Plan
    • Scope
      • Plan Scope Management
      • Collect Requirements
      • Define Scope
      • Create WBS
    • Time
      • Plan Schedule Management
      • Define Activities
      • Sequence Activities
      • Estimate Activity Resources
      • Estimate Activity Durations
      • Develop Schedule
    • Cost
      • Plan Cost Management
      • Estimate Costs
      • Determine Budget
    • Quality
      • Plan Quality Management
    • Human Resources
      • Plan Human Resource Management
    • Communication
      • Plan Communications Management
    • Risk
      • Plan Risk Management
      • Identify Risks
      • Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
      • Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
      • Plan Risk Responses
    • Procurement
      • Plan Procurement Management
    • Stakeholder
      • Plan Stakeholder Management

Executing Process Group

    • Direct and Manage Project Work
    • Perform Quality Assurance
    • Acquire Project Team
    • Develop Project Team
    • Manage Project Team
    • Manage Communications
    • Conduct Procurements
    • Manage Stakeholder Engagement

Monitoring and Controlling Process Group

    • Monitor & Control Project Work
    • Perform Integrated Change Control
    • Valiate Scope
    • Control Scope
    • Control Schedule
    • Control Cost
    • Control Quality
    • Control Communications
    • Control Risks
    • Control Procurements
    • Control Stakeholder Engagement

Closing Process Group

    • Close Procurements
    • Close Project or Phase

Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Test Preparation Tips & Test Taking Techniques


Learn the materials necessary to pass the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam

Advance your knowledge of Project Management and the understanding of its nine knowledge areas

    • Project Integration Management
    • Project Scope Management
    • Project Time Management
    • Project Cost Management
    • Project Quality Management
    • Project Human Resources Management
    • Project Communications Management
    • Project Risk Management
    • Project Procurement Management
    • Project Stakeholder Management

Understand the interaction of the 47 process elements utilizing the five process groups

    • Initiation
    • Planning
    • Executing
    • Monitoring and Controlling
    • Closing

Further understanding of other significant topics covered on the PMP exam such as:

    • Project Management Framework
    • Basic project management definitions
    • Project Life Cycle
    • Organizational Structures
    • Organizational and Motivational Theories

Understand the flow and interactions of project management


If you are responsible for completing projects/assignments on time, under budget with customer satisfaction then this course will benefit you and your company.

People such as:

    • Project Managers / Team Leaders
    • Team Leaders moving into team leadership positions
    • Key Team Members
    • Functional Managers
    • Process and Performance Improvement Team Members
    • Business Planning Personnel
    • Anybody who wants to advance their career through project management certification


Five 8-hour days, 40 PDU’s

Upon successful completion, you will receive an Integrated Process Developers, Inc (IPDI) certificate of completion.


Up to 20 people in your company


Contact IPDI for a proposal to bring this course to your organization.


Training courses can be held at your company’s location or training center.


An open mind and a willingness to learn.


To schedule a workshop for your company, contact IPDI for a proposal to bring this course to your organization.


The PMP® Exam Application is a complex undertaking.

IPDI offers a free PMP® Application Spreadsheet to help with this process

Please go to the Project Management Institute (PMI) website to learn about the specific PMP® Exam registration requirements and to download the PMP® Credential Handbook.


Project Management Institute (PMI) would like to remind PMP® applicants that in order for any candidate to apply for any PMI Credential all of the courseware needed for contact hours necessary to fulfill the Project Management Education requirements must be completed at the time of application.

Please do not submit a PMI Credential Application before you have successfully completed the course(s) used for the necessary contact hours needed to sit for the PMI Credential Examinations.

If it is discovered upon application audit, that an applicant candidate has not successfully completed the project management course before the date the application was submitted, then the application would be failed due to misrepresentation and applicant will not be able to sit for any PMI Credential Examination, including any existing examinations as well as any examinations PMI may offer in the future. For more information please refer to the handbooks on PMI Credentials on the PMI Certification Program website.


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